Modern cement production technology incorporated the harsh working conditions within it. Only those equipment’s that aim the best performance and lowest operating costs in these heavy-duty operation conditions are able to come to the foreground in the sector. In order to provide the fans that will meet the requirements of the performance and low operating costs in these harsh conditions encountered in the integrated cement plants, it is necessary to offer unique solutions to the work sites. ALFER is capable of meeting the special needs of the cement industry under the special circumstances by means of its quality, its appropriate solutions and its reliability.

Furnace ID (Induced Draft) Fans:These are critical process fans that are used at temperatures with the peak value as high as 500°C and that require the choice of materials accordingly, with specific selection and production methods. As the continuity is the primary concern in the system, the failure and interruption tolerance of these fans are low.

Raw Mill Fans: These are high pressure fans with special blade angles, for which measures against corrosion have been taken as the operating medium is a corrosive and adhesive powder.

Booster Fans: These fans have special panel and blade designs, for which measures against corrosion have been taken as they are used to transfer highly abrasive dusts with a high temperature from the cyclone located at the outlet of the clinker cooler unit.

Filter Fans: These are the fans used in de-dusting systems requiring high flow and pressure capabilities, with blade designs of high static efficiency.

Cement and Coal Mill Fans: These are single- suction or double-suction fans designed with a special suction hopper in order to increase the suction capacity.

Clinker Cooling Fans: These are designed to operate at very different pressure and temperature ranges, with the particular purpose of reducing clinker temperatures. They are high-temperature fans for which wear-resistant measures have been provided.

Alfer Engineering also furnishes the said fans with silencer equipments and provides support for achieving the acoustic standards envisaged by the operation. Minimum pressure losses are taken into account while the operating values of the system are adjusted with specially designed valves.


Today, one of the most important applications incorporating the applications of heavy-duty industrial fans is iron and steel sector. Moving the air that has heavy dust load and high abrasion values in a wide range of volumes requires that the rotor should be meet the demanding requirements of the mechanical design.

Furnace Hot Gas Fans: The fans used to carry the hot gases from the furnace are designed in accordance with the high furnace temperatures and high wear values.

Dedusting System Fans: These are the fans used in the dedusting systems requiring high flow rate and pressure capacities, and have blade designs with a high static efficiency.

Sinter and Pellet System Fans: These are special purpose fans designed to work in very wide pressure and flow ranges with the purpose of reducing the temperature of the sinter area. They are high temperature fans, resistant to high abrasion values of the sinter and provided with wear-resistant measures.

Coke Gas Fans: These are high-pressure fans. Due to the necessity of moving the gases to long distances, body strengths of these fans are high, and they have a special sealing design to ensure the tightness of the poisonous carbon monoxide contained in the carried gas.

Pressure Booster Fans for Steel Mill Gas: This is a high-pressure medium-temperature fan used to pressurize the mixture of a blast furnace gas and oxygen gas.

Large-capacity fans have a key importance to remove the heats emerging during sintering, pelletizing and dust collection systems as well as the heat resulting from the heat treatment and annealing processes performed in the rolling mill environment. Cooling fans produced by Alfer Engineering plays an important role also in the transfer of the fresh air flow to the cooling units in the sintering plants.


The fuels used by the thermal power plants in general are natural gas, liquid fuels (fuel oil, diesel oil), and lignite and anthracite coals. High-pressure fans are used in the transportation of pulverized coal and flying ashes emerging during the combustion.

Used as primary and secondary fans in boiler air supply systems, these fans are specially designed high-pressure system fans. In the same manner, high-pressure air supply fans are needed in the fluidized bed boilers to promote bubble formation in the bed. In addition, specially designed high capacity and high pressure fans are required for desulfurization system and dedusting systems. Alfer continues to work as a solution partner to determine the needs of power plants and to provide solutions with appropriate fans.


Alfer, with its wide experience in the wood and MDF industry, continues to offer a strong cooperation regarding fans, by supplying highly reliable and highly efficient fans that minimize downtimes. Hot oil fans and flue gas fans, compatible with high temperature and high pressure conditions, are manufactured for the boiler projects and related processes in this sector. The fans used to supply the combustion air required by the system such as primary combustion air fan, secondary combustion air fan, gas circulation fan, cooling fan for the mixing room, and furnace cooling fan require such fan designs that ensure high pressure and high capacity in addition to low operating costs. In situations where dust density, high corrosion and burning hazards are involved such as edge cutting transport fan, emery powder combustion air fan and reject line suction fan (faulty cake fan), forward curved fans without ronde and with special blade angle are used, which present no risk of burning and jamming.

With respect to meeting of the industry’s needs, we precisely produce solutions suitable to the projects. Along with the aspirator fan for the drying system, the fans manufactured to meet the demands for dedusting the bag filter fans are also included in our product range, and thus, we have been continuing to serve as a reliable supplier to the wood industry for many years.

(MDF: Medium Density Fiberboard)



Cooperations between Alfer and cement factories started with dedusting filters and each passing year Alfer have expanded its boundaries in cement sector ;

  • •Furnace ID (Induced Draft) Fans
  • •Raw Mill Fans
  • •Booster Fans
  • •Filter Fans
  • •Cement and Coal Mill Fans
  • •Clinker Cooling Fans

All over the world, hundreds of customers in cement industry are using our filter systems without failure for decades.


For iron and steel factories ;

  • •Furnace Hot Gas Fans
  • •Dedusting System Fans
  • •Sinter and Pellet System Fans
  • •Coke Gas Fans
  • •Pressure Booster Fans for Steel Mill Gas

Our manufacturing operations are going on for many years.


Alfer Engineering; For Thermal Power Plants with Coal Bunker;

  • Filters for boiler exhaust chimneys
  • Dedusting systems for coal break and preparation units
  • Dedusting filters for belt conveyor transfer towers

Alfer has a wide experience and is capable of meeting demands of thermal plants for many years. Also, Alfer Engineering has a deep experience and international contacts to meet the demand of ESP retrofit and revamp projects in terms of design, engineering and manufacturing.


Alfer, with its wide experience in the wood and MDF industry, continues to offer a strong cooperation regarding fans, by supplying highly reliable and efficient fans that minimise downtimes. In this point Alfer has very significant references to supply product below;

  • Hot oil fans and flue gas fans compatible with high temperature and pressure
  • Primary combustion air fan
  • Secondary combustion air fan
  • Gas circulation fan
  • Cooling fan for the mixing room
  • Furnace cooling fan

Pneumatic lines systems are continuing to their operations successfully to convey filter dusts to Reject silos. Additionally, Alfer designs these filter and line systems as turnkey projects by meeting the different needs of variable plants.

Other Applications

Metallurgy Plants,
Casting Factories,
Oil and Gas Plants,
Glass Production,
Mining Plants,
Metal and Mineral Processing Industry,
Ceramic Plants,
Sugar Factories,
Food Plants,
Gypsum Limestone Plants,
Fertilizer Plants,
Waste Incineration Plants,
Chemical and Petrochemical Plants,
Tunnel and Metro Applications.