Alfer Engineering started its business operations in 1984, and today, with a total area of 20,000 m2 in Ankara 1st Industrial Zone of which 14,000 m2 is indoor, it continues its activities with a consciousness to add value to the industry by its every-day improving vision.

With a team of experts in their field, it acts with an awareness of being a solution partner and a reliable partner for industrial plants.

Although it is one of the leading fan manufacturers in the domestic market with its strong structure, and expanding its foreign sales activities each and every year.

Our work partnership starting with pre-sales services provided to the customers such as project services, technical consulting, exploration visits and on-site detection of problems and needs, and with product sales is also supported by after-sales services such as periodic maintenance and instant service provision.

Thanks to the standard production methods and the use of standard components in the production, Alfer is capable of offering bag filters and fans of a high level of quality and high efficiency, with terms of affordable prices and short delivery times.

Alfer’s high experience in the custom design tailored to the customer’s specifications enables Alfer to solve technically complex problems and to offer customers very flexible solutions.

Alfer’s R&D department ensures continuous development of the products and spares no efforts to meet specific demands of the customers.

Our corporate vision is to become a unique company which behaves in conformity with the laws and ethical rules within the sector it operates, which adopts a participatory and transparent management style, which keeps customer-integration always in the foreground, which invests continuously in research and development by ascribing importance to innovation and creativity, which recognizes their responsibility towards the society, state and environment and acts in this direction, and which elevates their objectives by moving forward their vision every day.

Being the leading company in the sector today in our country, ALFER aims to have a say in the world markets by improving itself day by day.
Address : Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Oğuz Caddesi No: 15 Sincan / ANKARA

Trade Register Number: 70797
Mersis Number:0051019952500018
Nace Code: 282502
Chamber registration number: 5138
Company Capital : 4.000.000,00-TL ( is fully paid.)

Board of Directors
Chairman of the Board of Directors: Ali ÖZDEMİROĞLU
Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors: H.Cem ÖZDEMİROĞLU,
Member of the Board of Directors: İsmail ÖZDEMİROĞLU


Our factory is set up on a total surface area of 20.000 m² consisting of 14,000 m² indoor area and 6,000 m² open area, and the fan projects send by Our Design Department is rapidly directed to the Production Department where the characteristic processes to be carried out for the fan are divided into categories and a task plan is prepared.

In this plan, a distinct attention is paid to each fan just like a tailor’s thoroughness. Manufactured and precisely adjusted by our expert teams utilizing latest technology measuring devices, our fans are subjected to all the necessary tests by the quality control teams, are then reported and transferred to the assembly department.

The assembled fans are then subjected to fan performance testing in order to determine whether they are conformant to the yield curves envisaged during the design stage and to verify their capacity measurements, after which they are shipped.

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    Alfer Inc., the selection and the basic purpose of the placement process, the organization's all work to be carried out in the most efficient way to technical, social and economic developments, the future of human resources in accordance with the productivity and profitability principles and in a cost-conscious company to determine its needs. Alfer Inc. As our employees; Our business plan in line with the competencies required to meet the company's values ​​and business to contribute with high motivation and performance, our company we try to choose among the candidates with the potential to move into the future.

    Our vacancies We publicize our web site and through kariyer.net. refer to the positions can be done here. Human Resources team of candidates deemed suitable as training and experience are invited to interview for open positions. Human Resources and relevant department managers to determine the most suitable candidate for the position concerned shall cooperate in the recruitment process and knowledge of the candidates using competency-based interview techniques and interview skills during questioning. The recruitment and placement process in our personal inventory and we use tools such as a foreign language test.

    • Qualified human power to create, develop and maintain. The company's purpose and achieve development goals in line with the employment of persons with the necessary qualifications and skills development.
    • The Company, based on their professional knowledge and skills of staff, in terms of raising their employment conditions with fair and equal opportunities.
    • The company, in order to achieve their goals, employees in accordance with the principles of efficiency and profitability, to encourage the study of cost consciousness. Staff are at work to ensure that the views and opinions in this direction, it can easily be transferred to senior management.
    • All employees to establish good relations with colleagues and superiors and to generate ideas for ensuring a harmonious way to continue the work of peace. Made in accordance with the nature of the work, casual and work to ensure a safe work environment.
    • The Company encourages the staff to be successful, talented and successful entrepreneurship support staff. To reward those who are successful.
    • The Company's personnel, to inform themselves about issues in a timely manner.
    • The Company respects the personality of the staff, to protect their rights.
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